December 20, 2015

5 Easy Tips for Portion Control

First off, let me say, I miss all of you! These last few weeks have been insane to say the least so it feels good to finally get back into the swing of things with blogging! With the holidays being in full swing, a friend thought it would be a good idea to discuss portion control, Thanks Mai Lyn!  I, for one, have to really really really really try my hardest during Thanksgiving/Christmas not to over do the eating. I'm going to pretend this is where your nodding your head, saying, "Me too" so I don't feel alone. Haha, seriously though, when people are trying to lose weight or maintain their figure, the first thought goes to exercising like crazy.

Exercising is great for trying to slim down and lose weight, however, combined with portion control with a balance diet, the results can be even more amazing. Just do not confuse portion control with an actually serving size you find on food labels because those are two completely different things. A portion is the actually amount of food you put on your plate. A serving size is specific amount of food defined by common measurements, usually cups or tablespoons.

By understanding portion controls and how to use them, you can have a better understanding of what your putting into your body and how much! Below are a few tips to help you out.