Welcome to Eat Well & Sparkle! 

Whether you stumbled across this blog or came here on purpose, we're so glad to have you here! Some of you may be wondering what this blog is about and what it means to "Eat Well & Sparkle". Well, let us explain...

We believe that every woman should work towards being the best version of herself in every area of her life; from health, to self-confidence, to appearance and so on. Often times, the everyday woman is so consumed with her career, her school, her family, or the "important" things, that she often forgets about the most important thing; herself. As a result, we may fall into bad eating habits, neglecting our appearance, skipping workouts for months at a time, sacrificing our sleep and before you know it we have a comfortable life, but we're uncomfortable in our own skin.

Sooo, in an effort to encourage women to be absolutely fabulous, we got together and decided to share our wisdom in the form of nutritional recipes, health tips, makeup advice, weight loss/exercise tips, inspirational posts and so much more! Enjoy!

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Eat Well and Sparkle may contain advertising and affiliated links but we will only use products that we love. All reviews and opinions are 100% honest and we would never recommend anything we wouldn't use ourselves. 

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