January 20, 2016

We're Obsessed Wednesdays

First, Lets all give thanks that it is Wednesday and the work week is almost over! Whoop!! 

Anyways, Welcome to our new series 'We're Obsessed Wednesdays" here we share some of our favorite things we love each week. None of these are affiliated posts, we just really really enjoy these products.

1) We are low-key as obsessed with makeup as we are with a healthy lifestyle. This will be the first and last time we admit this. Shhh. If you love makeup like we do, you completely understand how a great lipstick can rock your world. Now, usually we love a good expensive brand like MAC, BUT we stumbled across this E.L.F. Matte Lip Color lipstick in Target. For only 3 dollars, this lipstick goes on wonderfully and has a nice rich color without having to apply it 37 times like with some other cheaper brands. Seriously, we want to buy every color available.

2) It's always important to keep your body moisturized, especially during the winter time. Cold weather can cause dry skin and itching. Shea Moisture is a great line for natural hair and body products. This little gem, the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Bath, Body & Massage Oil is essential for keeping your skin moisturized and glowing. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and it smells AMAZING!!! You can find it at any drug store (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) for about $10. Pair it with their body wash and your moisturizing game will be on 100! 

3) For 2016, we both made a goal to be more productive with our time and to get organized. (Go Us!) We have a million and one things going on at the same time so structure is needed. A good friend recommended this awesome planner by Day Designer and we were blown away!! With a daily format, this planner allows you to completely plan out your day down to what you will have for dinner. Plus it is one of the cutest things EVER. Super sturdy and high quality paper. Plus, with two different sizes, you can't go wrong with this planner. 

4) Ok, so here at Eat Well & Sparkle we love to do a little splurging every now and then. However, since we are not at the prime of our careers, our splurging has to make financial sense (most of the time). Since we can't spend $1000 on a pair of shoes or a handbag because; student loans, we found an online consignment store by the name of Tradesy.com. Tradesy.com sells gently used authentic luxury bags, shoes, and clothes for up to 70% off!!! We have been obsessively scrolling through this website looking at the amazing deals that have every day. Guess where our next birthday present is coming from!?!?!

Have you tried any of these products? What is something your obsessed with this week??

Desiree & Jerica 


  1. Uhm, I'm in love! Obviously I'm also obsessed with the Day Designer! I've always heard of Tradesy, but I never tried them out! I may have to give them a go now!

    1. Awe! Yay!! Thank you for stopping by Ginger! Girl, I'm ready for this next paycheck so I can buy these things in my cart on Tradesy! Haha

  2. I love this new series! I can't wait for more! I LOVE the Day Designer. I love shea moisture hair products. I never tried her body care products. I might have to give it a try.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Shamira! The body care products are just as amazing has the hair products!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Melissa! Appreciate your support so much!