January 28, 2016

We're Obsessed Wednesdays

Happy Hump Day!!! Welcome to our new series 'We're Obsessed Wednesdays" here we share some of our favorite things we love each week. None of these are affiliated posts, we just really really enjoy these products.

1) Shea Butter is officially apart of my skin care routine. It has become a new obsession of mine and I love using it to moisturize! It is a solid fatty oil that is rich in Vitamin A, D, E, & F, so the benefits are endless. It helps to relieve dry skin because of it's moisturizing abilities helps reduce cellulite and may even help fade stretch marks. 100% natural or organic Shea Butter is the kind you want to get with NO additives or preservatives. I got mine called Ashanti Naturals from a beauty supply in my neighborhood, however you can find real Shea Butter anywhere on the internet or even The Whole Foods store. 

2) MAC Cosmetics has always been my go to for my lipsticks and foundation. Seriously, they have the best foundation for women color and for people with combination/oily skin. Rarely have I ventured out of these two areas with them. Recently however, I've gotten a little better with my makeup skills (Go Me!) and I wanted to try something new: highlighting and skin finishers! Desiree being the awesome makeup artist and knowing me for years suggested that Global Glam Mineralize Skinfinish would look good on my skin tone. Man oh man, when I wear Global Glam, I feel like a golden skinned Goddess floating! The glow it gives my skin compliments so well with my undertones and my contour! Plus a little goes A LONG WAY! I barely have to put any on to achieve the level of Golden Goddess I want! Haha 

3) Podcasts have changed my life at work. I recently got into the world of podcasts after I randomly followed this guy on Twitter and found out that he had his own podcast. I decided to give it a listen and I've been obsessed with them ever since! Since then, I have 6 different podcasts that I listen to and I'm always looking to find new ones. Podcasts have so many different genres ranging from relationships to sex to wellness to inspirational to comedy and everything in between! It definitely makes my day go by 10 times faster! I just put in my headphones and my productivity goes up by 100%! 

4) This mask is one of my best kept secrets. Sometimes my skin gets so tired and all out of wack that I need to do something different to calm it down. This lovely mask helps so much because it's nice and refreshing. I'm not a huge fan of cucumber scented items so to find this mint one was like a dream! Queen Helene Masque Mint Julepe eases my tired skin, reduces harsh lines and shrinks my huge pores. It even helps rinses away blackheads! Best Part: you can get this bad boy at Walgreens for under 4 bucks! 

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  1. This mint julep mask though! You know thats one of my favorite drinks, right? (I know, my alcoholic is showing). But seriously, that sounds amazing!!