February 3, 2016

We're Obsessed Wednesdays

None of these are affiliated posts, we just really really enjoy these products.

New Week, New Obsessions!! 

Hello Loves! Hopefully your week has been going well and we can smell Friday around the corner. This week has been so uneventful but we are excited to share our new obsessions with y'all. Lets get right into it, shall we?

1) Finding a good product for your hair is a never ending nightmare, especially for my hair. It is really thick, would break easily and did I mention, thick?? Its super frustrating at times because a product would seem so promising! FINALLY, by the Grace of God I stumbled upon this awesome product by Ogx hair line. Healing + Vitamin E shampoo and conditioner have worked wonders for my hair over these last few months. This product was designed to reduce the amount of breakage, add some shine back into your hair and did I mention the smell is amazing!! Bonus: You can find this haircare line just about anywhere but the biggest selection I have seen was at Target and Ulta

2) I'm sure I am not the only one who gets frustrated by the lack of healthy products on the market. While I do believe healthy homemade meals are the best, I completely understand that is not always realistic. A shortcut is needed at times but when you can't really find anything remotely healthy, it can be annoying. Annie's Homegrown has became one of my favorite food products simple because they actual care about the food your eating. I'm not saying they are perfect but it gives me peace of mind that I can find tasty organic Mac & Cheese. (Don't judge). They have everything from pastas and snacks to refrigerated cinnamon rolls. A few of my favorites (snack mix , mac & cheese & strawberry fruit bites) can all be found at Target or Drug Emporium. 

3) I've been using Organix products for a while now, and I have fallen in love with their Hydrating Macadamia Oil line. The smell is amazing and it leaves my hair soft as a feather! I always look for a good conditioner, because that's what gives my hair the moisture it needs. I leave the conditioner on for 30 minutes to an hour and wash it out with cold water and when I say my hair feel AMAZING, I am not lying!!!! You can find Organix products and most drug stores or grocery stores in the beauty department!

4.) Everybody should know about the greatness that are Beauty Blenders. If not, allow me to introduce. These little sponges have changed the makeup game in a drastic way. They are great for applying foundation or concealer and gives that airbrushed, streakless finish to your makeup. I usually use mine for my undereye concealer, because it helps to blend any harsh lines between my concealer and foundation. I used to use my fingers, but I found that my Beauty Blender works 1,000 times better! You can find them at Sephora or if you're in the SW Houston Area, you can find them at The MUA Project on Wilcrest. 

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