November 12, 2015

Staying On Track During The Holidays!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! With my favorite time of the year settling in, we all know what that means....FOOD!!! With birthdays, dinner parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's celebrations and everything in between, it can be harder than Trigonometry to stay on the healthy path.

I know for a fact that I gained weight for the holidays last year and I definitely can tell when I look back at the pictures. Luckily, I was able to lose what I gained and get back on the right path. This year, I'm going to follow the tips I created for myself back in 2013. Check them out below so that you  won't let the Holidays destroy your midsection!

1. Don't deprive yourself.
The holidays are a time for family, fun and fellowship. It's a time to relax and let your hair down and celebrate all the hard work you'be put in throughout the year. But before you decide to devour the whole sweet potato pie, remember your goals! One slice is good. Five slices? Probably not a good idea!

2. Work out more.
Your calorie intake may increase a bit more during this time, so that means your workouts should increase more as well. Use your time off from school or work to hit the gym twice a day. If you can't do that, go harder than usual. Going harder doesn't mean you have to spend more time in the gym, it just means you're using more energy and sweating A LOT more!

3. Keep candies, sodas, and other sweet treats out of your house! 
Holiday season is the time when all the sweet treats ever manufactured in the history of life come out to taunt you and make you fat. Trust me. I know. Visions of sugar plums don't only dance in my head, but all around my house during this time of the year. Therefore, it's quite difficult to ignore my sweet tooth when I have a jar full of candy sitting on my living room coffee table. This year, instead of processed sweet treats, I'll be indulging in nature's candy: FRUITS. Gotta be responsible somehow, right?

4. Enjoy your holidays.
"What do you think this is? Christmas?" Um, yes! At the end of the day, remember that it is the holidays. One sweet treat won't hurt you, a glass of eggnog won't give you diabetes, and a slice of ham won't clog your arteries. Remember to be responsible in your eating and load up on the fruits and vegetables. Eat, drink, and be merry! Happy Holidays!

Check out my Healthy for the Holidays video below:


  1. Would love to see some tips on portion control. I was told small things like sitting at the corner of tables away from the main food and appetizers helps. Drinking lots of water beforehand, using smaller sized plates...

    Overall good stuff here. The holidays are definitely hard.

    1. Hmmm...we will definitely have to keep that in mind for our next blog post. Thanks for stopping by, Mai!

    2. Hmmm...we will definitely have to keep that in mind for our next blog post. Thanks for stopping by, Mai!

  2. My favorite is keep the sweets out of your house! This year I will try to say "no" to the take home plates at each stop. lol