September 2, 2015

Four Vitamins and Minerals Every Woman Needs

One thing that all health professionals can agree on is that women need a certain amount of nutrition that our bodies simply cannot make on our own. Obviously, the best source of essentials nutrients are complete whole foods. We get a good variety of vitamins and minerals through the foods we consume, assuming your're getting a balanced diet. The problem is that we are not 100% sure our nutrients are coming solely from healthy eating. Thank goodness for supplements!

When used correctly, supplements are the perfect sidekick in aiding us when we are not getting adequate amounts of nutrition.  However, with certain vitamins, you can the correct amount you need!


Everyone knows that this mineral is used to build strong bones, but did you know it is also used to help transmit nerve signals? Most women start losing bone density in their mid-twenties and calcium is your best defense against it. 
Women need 1,000 mg daily and sometimes a supplement is needed. Yogurt, milk and cheese all provide calcium but not enough.

Vitamin D
This amazing vitamin not only helps your body absorb calcium, it may be a helpful aid in preventing breast cancer, colon cancer and diabetes! Also, it plays a huge role in muscle function.
Women need between 1,000 – 2,000 mg daily.
You most likely will need a supplement because milk, salmon and orange juice have small amounts, but nowhere near enough.

Without this mineral, you can develop a weak immune system and you can also develop anemia (a lack of red blood cells). It is particularly important with women with heavy cycles.
Women need about 18mg daily.
A supplement is needed if you’re not particularly fond of fortified cereals or red meat. Always consult your doctor before starting an iron supplement. Too much can be very harmful.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant is known for boosting your immune system but did you also know that it aids in helping wounds heal. It is also good for preventing heart disease, prenatal problems and certain eye illnesses.
Women need about 75mg daily.

A supplement is not needed if you eat citrus fruits and brightly colored veggies. One orange has nearly all your recommended daily dose and so does one cup of broccoli.

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