September 28, 2015

How I Changed My Eating Habits With Weight Watchers Online

*This post and this blog is not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any type of way. This is solely my experience with the company. I am not being paid for this post (although that would be nice), nor am I getting any other benefits. :)

August 2012 vs. May 2013
33 lbs down.

Many people have asked me about my Weight Loss Journey and how I was able to lose almost 50 pounds in a span of  2 years. To that I always answer, "eating right and exercise......OH and Weight Watchers!" I don't have a problem telling people that I needed extra help in losing weight because honestly, it's just not that easy!

When you come from a culture that loves food and is rich with flavorful dishes that are not always the healthiest, it's hard to steer away from what you've always known and begin to choose better options. My family has a saying, "We meet to eat!" because we do! That's just us and honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world. However, what happens when your life starts to revolve around food and that food is causing you to swell up and your arms are bigger than before, your favorite pair of jeans don't fit, you're out of breath after walking up one flight of stairs? That was me at 20 years old and I realized it was do or die. It really was time to make a change.

January 3rd, 2013 is when I decided to make the change. I literally told myself that I have to lose a significant amount of weight by my 21st birthday or else I was destined to be fat for the rest of my
life. Point, blank, period. I decided to enroll in Weight Watchers Online and get to work.

November 2012 vs. June 2013
Almost 40 lbs down.
What I liked about Weight Watchers Online is that you have the power to make your own decisions about what you should and shouldn't eat. It teaches you how to be disciplined and truthful with yourself. Logging my daily foods from breakfast till dinner allowed me to see how much and most importantly WHAT I was eating throughout the day. The WW Points that were allotted to me everyday helped me make healthier choices; instead of picking up a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast which would come out to around 9 points, I would choose oatmeal with raisins which came out to a mere 5 points. 

After about the second week, I decided to incorporate exercising into my daily regimen. I started a 21-day challenge where I would workout for 21-days straight to get myself into the habit and then create a schedule for workouts and rest days. By the second month I had already lost 12 pounds! 

Weight Watchers was definitely a life changer for me and I really wish I hadn't cancelled my subscription after graduating college. One thing I will say is to not allow yourself to get comfortable!
Don't allow your drastic weight loss to make you cocky and then cancel your subscription before reaching your goal weight. You may endure the risk of plateauing for a long time or gaining some weight back! Nevertheless, I think WW Online is a great tool for those who don't have time to attend meetings and really want to learn how to discipline themselves. Soon, I will post about what to expect with WW, kind of like a guide before joining!

October 2009 vs. August 2015
50 lbs down.


  1. Mia,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It's an uphill battle, but it's worth it!