September 15, 2015

Straight 2 Curly: Holy Grail Products for Natural and Relaxed hair !

*This is not an affiliated post with any of the products, we just really enjoy using them* 

I want to first start off by thanking Eat Well & Sparkle for inviting me to share my knowledge about hair care! I personally think this blog is definitely informative and empowering for young people trying to navigate through the health and beauty world.

Speaking of navigation have you all been to your local stores lately?  It seems that stores have been diversifying their hair product lines. Major product brands are also rolling out new formulas to try. So, if you are anything like me you may be overwhelmed and tempted to try everything with a shiny new label.Today I will actually focus on two products that are featured in my Straight 2 Curly video 

Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner

 Hair Chemist Deep Repair Masque Coconut formula

These are my "holy grail hair" of hair products.I have struggled with dry, coarse, and unmanageable hair in the past. Both of these products have amazing moisturizing qualities that leave my hair hydrated and baby soft. Even if you have relaxed hair, these products do WONDERS at keeping your hair moisturized. 

The way the products are used may vary from person to person, but I actually use the Suave conditioner as a Co-Wash.The purpose is to cleanse my hair and scalp while retaining moisture.The Hair Chemist Deep Repair Masque makes my hair much softer, easier to manipulate. I find that leaving the repair masque on longer than the recommended 7 minutes and using both product once a week increases my hair's manageability. The Suave Conditioner can be found at Walmart and the Hair Chemist Repair Masque can be found in Sally’s Beauty Supply Store.
Hopefully you guys love these products as much as I do,and incorporate these products into your hair care routine. Have a happy hair day love bugs. Want to learn more? Please visit my Youtube Page !!
 Questions? Email Eat Well and Sparkle or contact me through my email on my youtube page! 


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